Friday, November 27, 2009

It's War (sw)

Its’ War

Man is the subject of a war! No, I am not talking about 911, Iraq, Afghanistan nor any visible war between men on the planet. I am talking about a war with untold casualties over the centuries and many more to come. This is not a war fought with conventional weapons because it is a spiritual war for your very soul. Satan, a liar and deceiver, tried to overthrow the great creator of all things and was defeated. He now wages war against God’s creation trying yet another tactic to gain the throne of the universe. He is stealthy and works best when he is not detected. He uses untold numbers of disembodied beings to influence, harass and bewilder those who are created in God’s image. He has established powers and principalities that are unseen except for the havoc they create. Their battle plan uses lies and half-truths to manipulate mankind’s selfishness into self-destruction. This plan has worked since man was created and seems to be more effective today than ever.

The average person alive today is unaware of Satan’s devices and the pending destruction, which will occur if they do not reject this archenemy of the most high God. The good news is Satan has already been defeated by God’s Son Jesus and through Him God has provided a way for man to escape the wiles of the evil one. Most people are not even aware of this battle or they just plain refuse to believe their plight, but God has provided an escape route. His name is Jesus and He is the true friend of every heart that will seek him. The average person just goes along with the way the world manipulates them making the job of the enemy so much easier.

God has established laws in his creation that work for the good of that creation. His laws have checks and balances and therefore regulate Satan’s activities. The demonic personalities can harass and bewilder mankind but cannot touch them except by permission. The powers of darkness then seek to influence people to engage in activities that will give them permission to manifest in their lives, even their physical bodies. To this end the rebelling one influences the free will of man as a means to move his workers of iniquity in. These demonic, disembodied spirits have an intense desire to be in a body because they go through dry places when they are not embodied. So they cooperate with the evil powers that hold them true to their assignments to lie, kill, steal and destroy. The primary intent is to destroy God’s most wondrous creation, man.

The affects of the work of the dark powers are reported by every newspaper, radio and television station on the planet, yet people, congregations and Pastors ignore this powerful force. Even while their ministries are being destroyed, their congregations deceived and the lives of their members thrown into chaos, they are unexcited and unconcerned. Too many people today are living lives of deceit and sin, hiding themselves from the truth. God is truth and he has published a book to alert his creation of the perils of following this powerful demonic power. His book is the bible and the information in it is divine, straight form the one who spoke the universe into place.

“Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand the wiles of the devil.” Ephesians 6:11
I am inviting you to take a journey with me to find out more about the war that is going on over your soul. To find more information and be guided in bible study on this critical matter, look for (SW) beside titles on this blog that pertain to spiritual warfare. See in scripture the truth of God for living a spirit filled life in the kingdom of God. Learn how the one who wants to destroy you works to get you to do what he wants you to do and how you can overcome him. Be advised:

Jesus came to preach deliverance to the captives” Luke 4:18

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