Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winter Haven Ministry Event 2/21/2010

Every Event Starts with Prayer
This event was held on Sunday 02/21/2010 at the Amphatheater on Lake Silver in Winter Haven, Florida
Some were just passing by and were drawn in.

Backgroun music for prayer by an annointed young man.

We ministered in prayer.
We hear the word.
We ministered to the depressed.
We came together as the body of Christ.
No boundaries
No Barriers

Prayer is foremost at all events.

Pastor Frank in the prayer group

Everyone listened intently to what God brought to us that day!

An annointed, inspired artist painted a Picture of our Jesus!

Everyone was blessed

Pastor Darby's Church Choir

Tim Williams and Pastor Frank talk about the PUP project that Tim has been called to carry out. PUP stands for Polk Under Prayer. It's objective is to place Holy Angels at all roads that lead into or out of Polk County. A strip of anointed oil has been placed over all lanes of highway at the county line and a prayer has been given at each location asking God to have angels inspect every vehicle that travels into or out of this county and to bring under conviction to those who seek evil and we asked God to bring them to a state of submission and repentance. If they will not submit to God's way of living, then the prayer is to have them incarcerated or removed from the county. We pray salvation for each person and the full knowledge of Jesus Christ as Savior. We are asking God to make His presence known when each person crosses this annointed line.
The results were immediate. There have been a number of arrests for drugs and drug manfacturing in Polk County since this project began. We are hoping to spread this project to all towns in Polk County so that God's protection and influence will be felt throughout the entire county. We encourage people to do the same with their drive ways and property lines.
America must turn back to God so that He will heal our land. The church is commanded to be the body of Christ and take the lead in the battle against Satan.
Don't just talk about Spritual Warfare in your Church, DO IT!
God has given His children the authority through Christ!

Thank you Jesus !!!

We must come together!

Pet owners were blessed. Dogs have to eat too!

Pastor Frank in the crowd of volunteers

God bless all the volunteers !

Clothes were donated

Singing and Praising the Lord

God Bless the technicians

The musicians were wonderful.
Pastor Frank's lovely wife Doris in the background.
She took many of the pictures.
She is always working behind the scenes.
God Bless the Pastor's wife!

Tim Williams and Teresa in the background
Technicians in the foreground from Carltons Music!

Getting ready is a lot of work, but a labor of love!

God Bless the Cooks

Pastor Ron Bos puts these events together and carries the burden for a lot of expenses.
Someone donated 500 New Testament Bibles; what a blessing!
Pastor Ron owns Country Chicken and Fish just north of the hospital in Winter Haven. Go by and eat with him. He also gladly accepts donations of bibles, clothes, backpacks and money to keep these events going!
Pastor Frank looks over the bibles!
The group of volunteers who come together for these events are from many denominations, and many ethenic groups and many churches in the area. We are the body of Christ. Here there are no barriers, we are one, representing Jesus christ to the world! That's the way it should be! Praise God for this wonderful move of His Spirit. Pray for this effort, join this effort, give to this effort and you will be blessed. We hope to broaden the scope of this effort and spread out across the county. Let us know if you would consider helping to bring this ministry to your town.
We are praying for you!!!!

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