Saturday, June 12, 2010

St Louis Trip

Terry and Doris Singing
Terry is playing his Grand Piano with one hand and the Keyboard with the other.
I always did love this guy's music
Terry and Roxy Collins

Terry, Doris and Terry's Grandaughter
Terry and I were best friends in High School, and we still are.
Class of 1965, Lake Wales High School

St Louis, The gateway to the west

Doris and Terry Singing while Terry plays.

The Mighty Missippi was out of her banks

Way out!

We visited our good friends in St Louis recently. If you are in the area, buy some floor covering from them. They'll even clean your carpet.

Driving along the Missippi

Above- Doris Relaxing at the Home of Terry and Roxy Collins near St Louis

Doris playing the player piano

A relaxing evening

Doris and Roxy

We visited several sites along the Missippi River

The World Famous Arch in St Louis with the Missippi River in the foreground

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